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Relative Visa

Relative Visa (Section 18):

This Visa will be issued for a period of 2 years at a time. This Visa is for family members (Parents, Brother, Sister and Children over 18 years of age) of either SA Citizens or Permanent Residence Holders.


  • All Visa Source Documents (as per list on top panel)
  • Proof of Kinship, within the second step, between the Applicant and the Citizen or PR Holder in the form of an Unabridged Birth Certificate and where necessary, a Paternity test.
  • The Financial assurance contemplated in Section 18 of the Act shall be R 8,500 per person per month to be proven by means of current Salary Advice or Certified Bank Statement not older than 3 months. The R 8,500 per month must be available for the Applicant per month. Financial assurance shall not be required where SA Citizen or PR Holder is a dependent child.