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Spouse Visa

Spouse / Life Partner Visa (Section 18):

This Visa will be issued to Spouses / Life Partners of SA Citizen's / PR holders. This visa will be valid for 2 Years at a time.


  • All Visa Source documents (as per list on top panel).   
  • An Application for a Visa in terms of the Act to be a Spouse/ Life Partner must prove to the satisfaction of the Department that he/she is a spouse/life partner to a SA Citizen/PR Holder.
  • An Applicant must submit: - a) A Notarial Agreement signed by both parties attesting that the permanent relationship has existed for at least 2 years before the date of application and that relationship still exists to the exclusion of any other person; and neither of the parties is a spouse in an existing marriage or permanent relationship;  b) an affidavit on Part A of Form 12 confirming the continued existence of the relationship;  c) in the case where such party was a spouse in a previous marriage, any official documents that prove the dissolution of such marriage either by divorce or death of other spouse;  d) documentation to prove the financial support to each other and the extend to which the related responsibilities are shared by the applicant and his/her spouse/life partner;  e) in the case where relationship was concluded between the 2 parties in a foreign country, an official recognition of the relationship issued by the relevant authorities, if available.
  • An applicant who has been issued with this Visa or Permanent Residence Permit must after a period of 2 years from date of issuing of that Visa / PR Permit, inform the Department whether or not the Spousal relationship still exists by submitting an affidavit on Part B of Form 12.
  • An Applicant who has been granted a Visa or Permanent Residency on the basis of the relationship must immediately inform the Department when his / her relationship ceases to exist.
  • The Director General may, upon receipt of information of non-existence of relationship withdraw the Visa / Permanent Residency Permit.

Spouse / Life Partner Visa ( Section 11(6) - Employment / Own Business):

  • This visa will be valid for 3-years at a time. 
  • All of the above documentation plus the source documents mentioned on top panel.
  • For a Spouse / Life Partner who would like to work in South Africa, he/she would need to add an "offer of employment" from a prospective employer.
  •  For a Spouse / Life Partner who would like to run their own business, they need to get that business registered and include your company registration with your application.