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Study Visa

Every foreign student who wishes to study at a primary, secondary or tertiary educational institution or any other registered institution of learning (ex. Flying school) needs to obtain this permit.

The holder of a study permit may apply for permission to conduct work in form of practical training as part of the studies to obtain a degree.                          

The student may undertake part-time work for a period of 20 hours per week, if the permit holder is attending a higher educational institution.

A Study permit will be issued for the time period that the student will be enrolled for at that school or educational institution.  


Requirements and documentation needed:

  • Source Documents mentioned on top panel.
  • An official letter from learning institute confirming provisional acceptance or acceptance at the institution and the duration of the course.
  • An undertaking by the Registrar or Principal of the institute to - i) provide proof of registration as contemplated in the relevant legislation within 60 days of registration, ii) notify Home Affairs that the applicant is no longer registered with institution, and iii) notify Home Affairs when the applicant has completed his/her studies or require an extension.
  • In case of learner under the age of 18 years - i) an unabridged birth certificate, ii) valid passport, iii) proof of physical address and contact number of the adult person residing in RSA who is either parent or acting as guardian, iv) proof of consent for the intended stay from both parents.
  • Proof of Medical cover from medical scheme/aid.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means available to the learner whilst residing in SA.