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Visitor Visa Extension (Holiday/Tourist Visa) - Section 11.1

This visa renewal can be applied for whilst on holiday in South Africa. This visa is for the purposes of extending your current temporary holiday stay in South Africa for any periods up to an additional 90 days / 3 months.  

NB: Just remember that only one (1) holiday extension is allowed per entry into South Africa. 

NB: Problems have come to light where people submitted their holiday extension applications to early (within the first 30 days), and then find that they have received short on their extension dates.  Please remember that the Department extends your date from the date that they (DHA Head Office) approve it in Pretoria and not from the expiry date of your entry visa.

If you require the full 90-day extension, then we recommend that you submit your extension application 30 days prior to the expiry date. If you only require an extra 30 days, then submit your extension application in the beginning of the 2nd month of your entry date. PLEASE Remember that the Department will only issue the visa until the same date as indicated on your new return flight ticket date. 

Requirements to extend your holiday visa in South Africa through VFS Global offices:  

(not exceeding 3 months / 90 days):

  • Online VFS Application Form
  • Certified copy of your Passport and current valid entry visa/stamp.
  • Letter detailing the purpose and duration of the visit. (Does not have to be full page or more. Only a few sentences are adequate. When using our services, we will draft this letter for you.)
  • Proof of sufficient financial means (3 month bank statement / Extract from Bank showing available funds / cash available / travellers' cheques). - Bank Statement can be either from foreign bank or South African Bank. 
  • Valid return flight ticket or proof of reservation thereof. Ticket must reflect the new intended return date.  

PS:  If the applicant does not have a bank statement from his/her bank, then you can use a bank statement from a family member or close friend that will stand in as your sponsor. A separate letter from the sponsor and a copy of that person's SA ID or Passport will have to be attached to the application. An internet printout from the applicant's bank account will be acceptable as long as your details reflect on that printout.