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Volunteer Visa - Section 11.1.b.ii  

A foreigner can apply for this visa if you have an offer of voluntary employment from a reputable and registered institution (NGO/NPO - Non Profit Organisation) in South Africa. 

This visa is valid for a period of 3 years. However, if your letter states a different time period less than 3 years, then the SA Embassy or Dept. of Home Affairs will only issue the visa for that period stipulated.

1st Time Applications must be submitted in your country of origin or where you have residency.  Extension applications can be made in South Africa through VFS Global. 

PS: Due to mixed information from the Department, you are only allowed 1 extension on a Volunteer Visa. After the 6 year period, you will have to return home and resubmit a new visa abroad.    

Requirements for extending your volunteer visa in South Africa through VFS Global offices (3 year period):

  • Online Application form from VFS Global 
  • Certified copy of Passport/s 
  • Certified copy of current Volunteer Visa 
  • Medical Certificate & Radiological Report
  • Marriage Certificate (If married)
  • Full / Unabridged Birth Certificates (only for each child accompanying the parent/s)
  • South African Police Clearance Certificate
  • Letter from NPO (Non Profit Organisation) confirming your volunteer activities and stating details regarding what your duties will entail. Letter must also state that your position is a non paying position and that it has not effected any paying positions for SA Citizens.  
  • Copy of NGO/NPO's registration documents. 
  • Bank Statement showing that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay here in SA for the 3 year period. (Have an equivalent of R 110,000 in a foreign or SA bank account)

Costs Involved (Extension in SA): per person

  1. VFS Global Fee:  R 1,350.00
  2. Gov./Home Affairs Fee:  R 425.00