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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find underneath a range of questions and answers that could assist with information. 

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Question 1:  Do I need to hand in my passport to VFS Global when submitting my visa application?

Answer 1:  No. When submitting your visa application, VFS only requires you to bring your passport with on the day of submitting your visa application, to confirm your identity. Once finished with Biometrics at VFS, your passport is handed back to you. 

Question 2:  I have heard that some immigration Agents or Practitioners or Attorneys hold my passport with them whilst my visa application is pending with the Department of Home Affairs? 

Answer 2: Absolutely No. No Immigration Agent, Practitioner nor Attorney has the right to ask or demand that they keep your passport whilst your application is being processed. if this happens, then walk away. This is not a rule of law. Unless you yourself ask them to keep it for you for safekeeping. You need your Passport with you as form of identification for banks and authorities.